Travel and Food feature strongly among things which do not bore me; I make time for despite the ‘pressures’ and are areas on which I have clear opinions on! This blog is an attempt to chronicle my experiences and views on weekend getaways, restaurants and others.

Not necessarily a “star” hotel traveller, I have a strong bias towards places that have large spaces, windows or balconies that offer a great view! I probably can’t classify my travel budgets as low-medium-high, because I have come to realise that it is extremely relative to the place and the person. However, I am a value for money oriented person,making me open to many experiences and places.

Food is an integral part of the true travel experience. My mantra is to go local! So its vindaloo in goa, sol kadhi in konkan, appam-stew in kerela and rajma-chawal up north. The local flavours and aromas helps me understand the place better while helping bond with the people there easily.

I intend to write about places that have inspired me and can be liked by others too. Be it travel or food.

This blog is dedicated to Indian travel and food experiences. However, you may just find an odd post on some non Indian locale or food (and that may just go to show the impact of the place on me- it made me break my self imposed rules!)

If you have any writing assignments for me, I will be happy to discuss it with you.

If you have any suggestions and inputs  for this blog, please drop in a mail  at indivistas@gmail.com.

Happy exploring!

  1. Appuuuu…I dunno y I don’t visit ur blog before!!dis u tel me about it??awesome though…u have a keen follower from now on:)

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