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Indiblogger contest- The perfect road trip

My entry for Indiblogger Ambipur Perfect Road trip contest 2013!

 The Perfect road trip!            Image


It is ironic that this contest comes at a time when I have been doing a lot of wishful thinking and hopeful convincing to my favourite travel companion.

 I am keen to actually implement this thought of mine. But I know it will take a lot of time, some money and  determination to be away from friends and family and even comforts for a duration of 2-3 months that I imagine this road trip to go on.

 Wondering which is this roadtrip that will take such a long time and is rooted in high aspirations? Read on…

 Travel companions: My life partner and favourite travel companion – Gaurav , a USB filled with our favourite songs, My camera with a back up of 5-6 SD cards, Ipad (to jot down quick observations and thoughts), first aid kit and a bagful of anticipation.

 The car: Mahindra XUV 

 The route:

Start point: Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

End point: Sundarbans, West Bengal

 Driving across the coastline of India, hopping over the major beaches, spending time on the quieter beaches and discovering hidden beaches. Being a beach lover, I have often faced a question from relatives and friends ‘ Arent they all the same?’. My answer is a firm NO!

 Yes, they all have similar elements like sand, rocks, waves, sea gulls even – but I can find at least 10 differences if it comes to a debate and prove my points. Beaches are not only about sand and waves. It is also a reminder of the local culture, food, lifestyle, religion and simply put- people. That India thrives in its diversity -is an oft repeated statement. And in this road trip, I would like to explore and understand all these elements as well. I want to understand my country better through a trip that covers all of coastal India.

 Some things I particularly look forward to, in the trip:

-Seeing the non industrialised beach towns of Gujarat 

– Trying to find the unfamiliar in the familiar landscapes of Mahararashtra

– Susegaad in Goa while I enjoy some chilled drink with butter garlic tiger prawns

– Going island hopping in Karnataka

– Enjoying the scrumptious sea food in Kerela 

– Invoking my spirituality in Tamil Nadu

– Getting awed and overwhelmed by the waves of Andhra Pradesh

– Making sand sculptures in the virginal beaches of Orissa

– Witnessing the merging of the mighty rivers with the sea in Bengal

I have gone through the journey many times in my head. But I am sure that when I actually take it,it will surpass all expectations, break many stereotypes and make me understand my self better, apart from just India.

This is a trip which I know will prove the old adage ‘ Its all about the journey, not the destination’. 

Happy Road trippin’