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Goa Series: Vagator Beach – Little Paradise!

Vagator – Situated ~ 30 kms from Arambol as we head south, is where the party avatar of Goa starts taking shape. Or shall I say, this is the place where the mother of parties do take place!! But don’t let this statement make you imagine a place which is noisy, crowded and just generally filled with smoke. Vagator actually is a beautiful stretch of beach- with rocks  interspersed with sand. It is in fact peaceful, quiet and gives one some isolation, even in the peak season!


The Vagator stretch is divided into Little Vagator and Big Vagator by patches of rocks and small cliffs. Big Vagator is where most tourists land up. Hence you can expect some crowd here, but still, it is lesser as compared to the Anjuna-Calangute-Baga stretch. My favourite beach on the stretch- definitely Little Vagator- also known as Ozran beach. Now the Ozran stretch starts as you start moving towards left (ifurfacing the sea). The beach becomes cleaner- the number of people as well as shacks too, become lesser! Little Vagator or Ozran has some places to stay which have views to die for. Alcove beach resort situated over a small cliff has very comfortable rooms and even suites, all of which have a view of the shore. Top it with some great food and service and pool in which you can just laze around for hours- and you have a winner! There some more options around to suit every budget range- just ensure they have rooms overlooking the beach- it is a beautiful sight to wake up every morning!


The beach steep is pretty gradual and the waters, warm. As the stretch is also a bit rocky, one has to choose carefully, the place for a dip. The beach towards the left end of the stretch is the best. Keep an eye out for the rock carving of Shiva. The beach, especially Big Vagator- does nurse a hangover of the flower power days. They may pretty much give you an idea of the kind of parties that may have been held here in the 70s. Now- it is mostly about dips and sips! You will also find many sellers coming to you to sell their wares (mostly jewellery and souveniers). And this can get a little irritating. But for Indians, they don’t persist much- It’s the firangs who get to bear the brunt of some hard salesmanship!


Coming back to its party avatar- one ofGoa’s most famous discos is situated here- Nine Bar. Nine bar is “the” place for DJs to show off their acts too. Its funny they keep the place open from only 7pm-10 pm, given its popularity. But then- probably that’s something that may also be contributing to the exclusivity and the clamour. Having visited it a couple of times, I can vouch for the music, the ambience and the views!! The crowd- well it is attracting more crowds by the day- but then in places such as this one- more the merrier may be the mantra! Image

The beach has its own charm in the monsoons. The waves get rough, but the cliffs become greener-creating every photographer’s or artist’s delight! In the other months, you can choose what you want and like on the beach and stick to it! Little Vagator- with its sands, rocks and cliffs- is my favourite beach inNorth Goa. And of you stay on that side of the beach stretch, you may just see why!