Aromas Powai – Coffee, Conversations and more; quite literally

Cafes and me go back a long way. Right from the time when there were a handful Baristas and Cafe Coffee Day outlets in Mumbai, I have been a loyal customer – encouraging every outlet with at least a cuppa- if not more! But cut to today, when theres a Cafe Coffee Day/Barista outlet in every nook in Mumbai, I have gotten bored of them. Probably its just plain over exposure. And thats where I have started hunting for new cafes and encouraging them again, in my own little way 🙂

Aromas Cafe Powai

Aromas in Powai was one such stumble. A part of the popular Australian chain of cafes, Aromas is certainly inviting.  A few steps into the cafe and a glance into their menu, instantly tells u that this place is different from your regular Joe cafes. With the Cafe starting at 8 am, Aromas can be a good enough reason to stop the snooze on the weekend a tad but earlier. So if one is in a mood to ditch the usual upma/poha/parathas and start the day differently, Aromas is the place to head. Right from the usual cereal/yoghurt, to au gratin on toast, to pancakes to good old anda omlette; its your choice really. My personal favourites are the delicately prepared french toast and pancakes/waffles. Gulp them down with an international choice of hot coffees, or a milkshake if you wish. Yumm!

Thier official timings are till 11 for breakfasts- but I have been obliged a breakfast item even at 11:30! Till a few months back, one could choose thier seating easily in the mornings. Now, Aromas has become very popular with people for breakfast and brunches. Hence, if you reach the place post 10 on Sundays, you may have difficulty in getting a place to sit, leave alone choosing it. Just an indicator of the popularity of Aromas for breakfasts and brunches.

Post 11, one is really spoilt for choice. A wide variety of Pastas, Pizzas,Sandwiches, Risotto are on the anvil and the choice among them can confuse even a well informed foodie. The salads and bakery items are especially good.They also serve Wines and Beers, which is again a distinguishing factor for this place and makes it qualify to international standards. Thier portions are good and the taste-delectable. Aromas is on a steady rise of popularity because of these reasons.

The place is buzzing throughout the day with food and coffee lovers. However, during lunch and dinner timings, the place ceases to feel like a cafe, and takes on a more restaurant feel. Hence, it can get noisy and crowded. Personally, I prefer the place for breakfast and brunch. But then again, because of the food quality, Aromas still is worth a mention for anytime of the day. Their service is patient and friendly, but tends to slip at peak lunch and dinner timings on weekends- only human I guess.

Eating out is a popular indulgence with us Indians and I am glad that we no longer need to restrict ourselves to lunch and dinner places to catch up with friends or even go for a date. I am happy that we are no longer dependent on ‘star’ hotels for breakfasts and brunch meetings. Aromas has played a part in setting up new trend for Powai-and is serving as a lure for getting up early on weekends!


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Amidst pursuing multiple careers- that of an Independent HR consultant, writer, photographer and a food critic. An obsessive compulsive day dreamer.Wants to have her cake and eat it too (a dark chocolate one, please!)

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  1. I wish I could try Aromas – sounds fantastic! Well written!

  2. You forgot to mention…the blue-berry cheesecake is out of the world 🙂

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